When Is A Wristwatch Worth Repairing?

These days, when we are always on the run, every minute is essential. And that’s why having a Reliable wrist watching like Rolex lady for instance is always desirable. However, it is not uncommon that we know so little about the real workings of this item.

One proof of this is what happens when the clock pulse presents a problem: you know when worth it or not to fix a watch like this? There are situations where repair is highly recommended, but there are also situations where the repair value may not be worth it. Want to learn about when it pays to fix a wristwatch? Well, check out our post right now and find out:

Is It Worth Repairing


Over time, it’s normal for the watch strap to wear out — especially on leather or lower quality models. In the case of leather bracelets, with constant use, it is normal for this material to wear out, become brittle and even break. Metal models last a little longer but are also susceptible to damage and breakage. In both cases, it can be fixed without major difficulties, both in authorized brand stores, if you want to keep it exactly as the original, or in good houses in the field, which usually have the same or similar models of bracelets for the exchange.


Fixing the pins is also quite simple. Often a sudden movement that impacts the watch case or an object that sticks to it can cause the pin to come loose or become damaged. In that case, all you need to do is go to a watchmaker to make the exchange — and make sure the professional will use an appropriately sized item to replace the defective or lost pin.


Battery-powered watches need to be replaced from time to time. And that’s pretty simple to do. Just take the watch to a watchmaker and ask them to insert a new battery with the same specifications recommended by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that these specifications are important because if a battery other than the recommended one is inserted, it will last less and may even shorten the life of the wristwatch.

Loose Pointers

Another situation where the watch is worth fixing is when the hands are loose. The repair is simple to be done and can be done by anyone specialized in the field. It’s usually enough to open the box very carefully and adjust the hands with the aid of a hand-drawer — a tool that any watchmaker or specialist shop has. Then, replace the hands with the help of a fine point and make sure they are not touching each other.