Why Are Tutors Important?

As we saw above, the Distance Learning Tutor has many responsibilities like help students study bmat (เรียน bmat which is the term in Thai) for example and attributions to keep students in constant learning and engagement. Therefore, it becomes a key part of the composition of a suitable ODL methodology. It is natural that, with distance learning, students become a little dispersed and even forget tests and activities with the rush of everyday life.

Therefore, the Tutor like SAT tutor (ติว sat which is the term in Thai) for instance generally seeks to keep students engaged and committed to the course, sending communications, e-mails, articles of interest, and making themselves available to students for assistance and questions. In addition, several other functions of extreme importance to the student and the institution are entrusted to the EAD Tutor. Among these functions, some of the main ones are listed below.

Facilitate Learning In ODL

Naturally, some people feel a little lost in distance learning, especially when talking about teaching methodology. The goal is always to keep learning fluid and complete, but distance learning can take a while to absorb fully because we spend our entire lives in face-to-face teaching.

In addition, each student has their way of learning. Some prefer video lessons, while others learn better by reading the content. The Tutor’s objective in this scenario is to facilitate each student’s learning, offering assistance to get the most out of the course. Therefore, the institutions noticed the great importance of a Tutor who is always present and engaged in the course. In this way, assistance to students is constant, and a much smaller number may choose to leave the course.

Helping The Student To Adapt To Distance Learning

Because distance learning classes are done online, and even some work and activities are in this way, many people imagine studying distance learning is easy.

The story is often the opposite. We ​​have been used to face-to-face teaching all our life, and we have been educated through it throughout our school life. With that, distance learning can become a challenge. And it feels normal! Before you start dedicating yourself to distance learning, it may be necessary to adapt to it first. And that’s why the Tutor must accompany each student.

In this way, he can assist in adapting each one, providing the tools and tips so that each student can get the most out of the course and succeed in their studies and careers.

Motivate Students

In addition to helping to adapt and facilitate content learning, the EAD Tutor can also actively motivate students during the course. It is expected that most distance education students have more than one obligation, having a full routine and other responsibilities. This busy day-to-day with family, work, children, and studies can end up demotivating. Therefore, the Tutor needs to motivate these students, helping with their studies, with doubts, offering tips, and helping with dates. The student understands that difficulties exist, but they can be overcome towards a bright future.

This security offered by Tutor EAD can go much further, providing students with immediate feedback and balancing all tasks.