When Is The Best Time To Overseed Your Lawn

What Exactly is Overseeding?

Generally individuals with lawns tend to take pride in the grassy areas being properly maintained as well as appearing pristine to people passing through the area. It is important for any lawn area to be well maintained throughout the year and for the area to receive the required attention from the owner. The lawn should stay green, lush, and receive plenty of nutrients in order to achieve the proper upkeep. Part of the process for lawn maintenance is to ensure the area has been overseeded annually. Overseeding is the process of which grass seed is dispersed across an existing lawn. These simple tasks allow for damaged patches to be filled in, heavily trafficked areas to be replenished, improvement of the color of the lawn to occur, and reduce weed invasions. Many people may not understand how important it is for lawns to be overseeded. Additionally, this process is essential to any existing lawn in order to ensure the area is maintained. Furthermore, it is crucial to acknowledge the appropriate timeframe in which to oversee a lawn each year.

Selecting the Perfect Time to Overseed

A very common question asked is when is the perfect time to plan an overseeding project and what does that process look like? When done correctly, overseeding a lawn is a very simple and straightforward process. It is the process of adding additional grass seed to the existing lawn. Although it is not an extremely difficult task; individuals do need to be aware of the standard times of year overseeding should take place and the appropriate weather conditions the process requires. The best time to overseed a lawn is during the spring and autumn months. Generally the process takes around 7 to 21 days to see results if done in ideal weather conditions. It is also important to select a time of year when the temperatures exceed 13 degrees Celsius but are still not too hot. If the weather is too warm the grass seed runs the risk of becoming scorched. Professionals also recommend overseeding at minimum 45 days prior to the first frost of fall. People should be advised that the appropriate prep work is required. Additionally, once the grass seed has been added to the existing lawn it is important to ensure the area is being watered and maintained. Individuals should be aware that it is possible to use too much grass seed when overseeding. Therefore, the grass begins competing for resources such as light, water, and nutrients and the lawn will struggle as a result. Individuals should be advised to overseed diligently. It should also be noted that individuals should select a grass seed that can be easily dispersed. Selecting a grass seed that can be easily spread through aeration holes can speed up the entire overseeding process.

Overseeding Leads to Achieving Dream Lawns

Again, it can be a very tricky task to achieve a well-maintained lawn year round. And although overseeding is a simple process overall, there is still a fair amount of work that must be done in order to complete the job correctly. If hard work and proper maintenance has been provided to a lawn then overseeding will quickly become an easy and painless annual task for any grassy area. Simply remember, the best time to overseed a lawn would be in the spring or fall months. This time is when the temperature ranges above 13 degrees Celsius and before the first fall frost hits. This timeframe will allow the most overseeding success.