Eight Iconic Foods You Should Eat in Fort Worth

It is no lie that Forth Worth, Texas, has some of the best food options for travelers and locals alike. Fort Worth is located approximately 30 miles west of its twin city Dallas. This small Metroplex has a lot to offer, ranging from the rich cultural heritage, hospitable locals to the best restaurants and eat out zones. Top restaurants in Fort Worth are mostly Southern Fare and American with Southern Western delicacies.

Here is a list of meals worth trying in Fort Worth.

1. Fajita Meat

Usually cooked from the beef skirt, Fajita meat was an invention of the Spanish ranch located in Texas. Most people love classic Fajitas served in different inventive ways like on quesadillas, nachos and tacos. Serving it on a skillet accompanied by vegetables is also a straightforward way to enjoy this meal.

2. Frito Pie

Also invented in Dallas, this happens to be one of the simplest to make favorites. You only need to add your hot sweet Texas chili and add onto your4 Frito chips. Add Jalapenos, onions, pickles and cheese. Voila! You have a tasteful and filing crunchy meal.

3. Chimichanga

Most Texans believe that this delicacy came up by accident. It is said that a burrito was accidentally dropped into the hot oil, and then boom! Food was born. It would help if you never missed trying this new creation while in Dallas.

4. Barbeque and T- bones

If you’re a meat lover, you can never go wrong with the savory meat in Fort Worth. Most restaurants grill good T-bones, chicken, brisket and pork that are all drool-worthy. So, why not eat enough for your filling?

5. The Thirteenth Pie

Have you ever seen clams on a Pizza before? Well, then this is your chance to taste one. This Pizza promises you the most unique and fantastic Pizza you’ve ever had.  This delicacy also changes, so you never know what you may get on different occasions.

6. Fried Okra and Chicken Steak

This favorite is so sweet, such that there is a day set aside for this delicious entrée. This chicken-fried steak can be served with chili cream gravy accompanied with fried okra. I mean, this meal is just pure bliss.

7. Fletcher’s Corny Dog

Available in different varieties, including the jalapeno version, this is one of the most loved classics among Texans. Furthermore, it’s among the best- selling snacks here. It is unfair to visit Texas and miss a piece of this Corny dog.

8. Chile con queso

This is a well-known appetizer, and it’s very delicious when done well. To complement this appetizer, you might need some light and crispy chips.  Fort Worth Culinary art is as expansive as Texas’s Western Culture. Fort Worth offers local food cooked by the local chefs. Fort Worth’s restaurants are spacious enough to accommodate large groups of people and avoid crowding. The food scenes in Fort Worth will awe you with Culinary Cuisine of mouth-watering dishes served by world-class chefs.