Web.com Reviews Provides You with Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners


Water coloring is a fun style of painting that allows you to capture reality and bring your imagination to life on a canvas. According to Web.com Reviews, coming up with ideas for watercolor paintings can be a bit difficult since the options are simply endless. You may be a bit skeptical about going forward with complicated topics. So, here are a few simple ideas for watercolor painting:

The Ideas

  1. Fruits and Veggies – Fortunately, most fruits and vegetables found in nature and even genetically modified by man have basic geometric shapes. They are easy to pull off with a brush and even if you mess up a little bit, you can retrieve it with relative ease. You can start off with fruits that are highly symmetrical like an apple, an orange, or a pear. They are bright, bold, and the glossiness just makes them look stunning. 

When you get better at drawing the lines, gloss, and hue of different fruits and vegetables, you can also try out the ink and wash technique. Yes, you see it often in many art channels on YouTube. Draw the shape with a pencil. Next, you need to take a waterproof pen and go over your drawing. Finally, let the watercolors flow and fill up the figures. 

  1. Potted Plants and Flowers – Potted plants are simple and fun to draw with watercolors. They are a fairly easy subject since the leaves can follow a pattern or be completely random over the branches. Moreover, the pot is your canvas within the canvas. You can customize it with the decorations of your liking. 

Flowers are equally, if not more, a lovely subject for your watercolor paintings. Flowers are beautiful despite the lack of precision that humans crave in their drawing subjects. A few petals have been feasted upon by the bugs, while a few have lost their color due to the intense sun. This adds a whole new layer of texture and depth to these subjects and make them great for watercolor painting. 

  1. Birds – Animals have always been a fascinating subject both for photography as well as for painting. However, a tiger or a bear isn’t easy to pull off on the canvas. Birds are perhaps the simplest and easiest to paint. An oval shape and a pointy beak at the top is all you need to start the painting. 
  2. Landscapes – Landscapes are perhaps the easiest painting subject in this list. You don’t even need a rigid structure or rules for that matter. A few dunes or curves with splashes of green and a bit of shadow detailing covering half of your canvas can be the land while the rest of it can be filled up with vivid and warm colors to make a lake or the sky.


Web.com Reviews suggests you pick up any of the ideas mentioned above and start to paint it on your canvas. You can always start a new one even if you mess up.