Handy Examines the Best Work from Home Jobs


Billions of workers lose a significant portion of their life traveling to work and back home. According to Handy, most people who work from home have the privilege of a flexible work schedule and can work without the ever-present scrutiny of their superiors. It’s no wonder many people dream of working from home. Here are a few great work from home jobs that you may want to do:

The Jobs

  1. Translator – Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that most translation jobs are work from home opportunities. However, most translators are under tight deadlines. Apart from work schedule flexibility, this job also has a flexible qualification criterion. A bachelor’s degree in two different languages obviously helps. However, fluency in two languages also work. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 1/5 of all translators are self-employed and enjoy the national median wage of $46,120. However, if you can brush up your skills to rank among the top 10 percent, this profession allows you to command over $80,000. 

  1. Virtual Assistant – Plenty of businesses are going online and it’s no wonder that most of them hire virtual assistants for administrative and organizational work. International Virtual Assistants Association defines virtual assistants as independent workers who support numerous clients from various industries from a remote location with their creative, technical, or administrative services. 

The job role varies drastically and to get started on this career you can search for gigs at Zirtual.com or Upwork.com. The payout in this profession depends on your skills and who you work for. Virtual assistants usually charge anywhere between $15 to $75 on different freelancing platforms. 

  1. Web Developer – Building a website is easy with thousands of hours of YouTube videos and free CMS services offered by many including WordPress. However, most entrepreneurs, businesses, and institutions don’t have the time to do that. That may be one of the reasons why numerous people make a living off of developing blogs and websites for their clients. 

The best thing about this field is that you don’t need an advanced college degree to start your work. However, you need to build a portfolio of websites you have built to trigger the positive cycle of client attraction. While the national median wage for web developers is around $66,000, the top 10 percent pull off around 6 figures every year. 

  1. Data Entry – Numerous businesses require manpower to enter a tremendous amount of data into their systems. The data may be used for shipment tracking, gauge output, or strategize new business plans. 

All you need for this job is a computer and fast typing skills to earn around $30,000 every year while those who make it to the top 10 percent make 1.5 times that amount.


Handy believes that we should figure out our skill sets and hunt for a few gigs on various freelancing platforms to get started in the work from home job that we like.