Picking The Right Furniture For Every Room In Your Home

The style and arrangement in the house displays a part of your personality, and choosing the right one makes you never want to leave the house. Furniture plays a vital role in enhancing the elegance of the interior design of the house. The right colour, texture and type of furniture make your home look beautiful and pleasant. Furniture could be everywhere in the place, right from the lounge sofas to the bathroom shelves. When deciding on what type of furniture to use, many choices go to one’s mind. People sometimes tend to overdo or underdo their furniture in the house. Here are a few points that will help you choose the right amount of furniture for your home. Wakefit provides you with easy shopping where you can select your furniture online at the best price. Analyse all the rooms and their interior paint colour. It is easier to work on the main piece of furniture first and then match the others with it.


Choose a Theme for Each Room

Depending on your choice, choose a theme or concept for each room. It could be contemporary, bold, classy, Asian, colour coordinated etc. The contemporary designed theme allows you to choose a modern and sleek type of furniture, whereas a bold theme might have a range of bold colours incorporated in the furniture. The Asian theme is full of antique finishes given to the furniture. Choose the appropriate furniture in accordance with the theme. Stick to a certain style, don’t end up buying something that doesn’t match your home.


List Down all your Needs

Each room in the house requires a different type of furniture. The ultimate aim of placing furniture is to help you relax and be comfortable. Here is a common list of furniture you might require for each room:


  • Sofa
  • Chairs
  • Shoe rack
  • Coffee table

Living Room

  • Sofa set
  • Chairs
  • Shoe rack
  • Teapoy
  • TV Unit
  • Bookshelf
  • Wall shelf
  • Side table


  • Bed
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedside table
  • Dressing table


  • Wall shelf

Dining room

  • Dining table and matching chairs

Study room

  • Study table
  • Office chairs
  • Work from home furniture

Some might require a wooden cradle for their baby or a lazy chair for themselves. Few might like to have a diwan in the hall. It depends on the taste of the individual. You can even plan a swing on the balcony if you have space for it. One can add on to the list as per their requirements. Ensure you do not buy more than the required amount of furniture as a cramped room can feel congested and spoil the look.

Plan according to the Layout of Each Room

All the rooms in the house are different from each other in their way. Space, light setting and usages differ from each other. Use the aesthetics of the room to plan your furniture. For instance, there could be a corner that does not have enough space to accommodate a wardrobe. Use a small side table instead. If there are lofts in the bedroom, you can use a full panel wardrobe over the lofts. If you’re a person who has an office at home itself, you can check out the work from home furniture available on the Wakefit website. It has a wide range of authentic study tables, high back chairs, and other accessories available in different sizes to help you feel comfortable working from home.

Work on the Size of Furniture

Selecting the correct size of the furniture is critical because you need to maintain the right amount of movement space in the room. If you have a lot of space for bedrooms, you can opt for a king size bed or a queen size bed. Choose a smaller size for the kid’s bedroom. It allows you to accommodate a study table in the extra space available in the room. Similarly, you can use a three-seater sofa set if the hall is spacious. Otherwise, a two-seater sofa or an L-shaped sofa set will do. You can also go for a love seat if you don’t have the space to hold a couch. If you have a large family or a lot of visitors that meet you often, then invest in a giant couch so that you can accommodate all of them. Measure the dimensions of the room accurately and customise your furniture accordingly.

Select Suitable Fabrics

Ensure that furniture is made from high-quality fabrics with the latest design. Again the type of fabric is based on the theme and style of the room. But it is always better to choose stain-resistant fabrics when it comes to furniture because the fabrics cannot be replaced for a couple of years. Focus on dark coloured fabric materials for the furniture in the kid’s room for easy maintenance. Sometimes your stand-alone chairs can be matched with your coffee table by using the correct type of fabrics. It will make it look like a whole unit of décor.

Let the Furniture Complement the Other Décor

Make sure the furniture complements the home décor. Be it carpets, glass panes, windows, doors or tiles, maintain the theme and harmony of the room. Some houses might have chandeliers and other different light settings. Choose a type of wooden furniture that matches them.

Use Smart Furniture

When you don’t have enough storage space, use a type of furniture that will serve multi-purpose. For example, storage beds can be used instead of ordinary ones to save space. You can also try the Wakefit Amoeba Sofa cum Bed, which can be used as a sofa and a bed.

Every piece of furniture you buy should be worth your money. The material and make of the furniture should be durable and long-lasting. For example, furniture made from solid wood material gives longer life than particle board material. When it comes to the quality of fabrics, ensure that the fabrics do not wear off within a short period. Also, ensure that the furniture you pick is comfortable and efficient. Finally, make the best use of your budget to get the correct type of furniture.