How To Store Wine Correctly

As our interest in wines increases, so does the number of bottles we buy. The more we learn about the drink and wine storage, the more confident we buy more and more wines. Only then do we think we have a place at home in ideal conditions to receive these new and wonderful guests.

To ensure that your wines are always in optimal drinking condition, see below for important tips for the

1) Temperature

Wines should always be stored in a cool temperature environment. Ideally, the storage location should be between 12 and 14°C. But, if the place’s temperature is slightly higher than that, and your wines are for immediate consumption (days, weeks, or a few months), there’s no problem.

Avoid temperatures above 25ºC, even for a few days, as the aging of wines can be accelerated, and you risk losing them. In addition to the cool environment, it is also essential that the temperature is constant when running storage service (รับฝากของ which is the term in Thai), as wines are very sensitive to extreme variations in temperature.

2) Bottle position

It is recommended that wines closed with natural cork stoppers are stored in a horizontal position. In this way, the stopper will always contact the liquid and will not dry out. If the cork dries out, a significant amount of air can invade the bottle, oxidizing the wine. Wines closed with synthetic stoppers, or screw caps can be stored standing upright without any problem.

3) Lighting

The wine storage place must be protected from natural or artificial light. That’s why the cellars of large wineries are so dark, as light can warm the wines, altering their aromas and flavors. Here, special care is needed for white and rosé wines, which, in most cases, are placed in transparent bottles – further increasing the liquid’s exposure to light.

4) Vibration / Trepidation

Places with vibrations and vibrations are not ideal for storing wines. When wines undergo constant agitation, chemical reactions occur in the liquid, speeding up its aging. Also, avoid changing the bottles all the time and handling them all the time.

5) Ventilation

It is essential to store wines in an airy place. Closed and stuffy places are conducive to the appearance of fungi that can affect the stopper and spoil the wine. Look for an environment with good ventilation so that air can circulate freely between the bottles.