How polo shirts came into being? The development of polo shirts over the years

It is very important to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. This is one of the major reasons why the polo association of the United States of America developed Polo shirt (โรงงานผลิตเสื้อโปโล ,which is the term in Thai). Polo shirts are one type of t-shirt. The only difference between the polo shirt and ordinary t-shirt is the fact that the polo shirts have a collar. The polo shirts have a collar which is generally v-shaped. On the other hand, ordinary t-shirts are round necked without any type of collar. And since the development of polo shirts in the past century it has become one of the most common forms of apparel for men across the globe.

The advantages of polo shirts and it’s drawbacks

The major advantages of polo shirts are mainly threefold. Firstly, polo shirts can be put on by any men from any age group. This makes it useful for both the young and the old. Secondly, the polo shirts are useful for almost any occasion. This simply means that you may wear it on the beach, in a polo or golf game or even in a casual meeting outdoor. Lastly, polo shirts make up for one of the most comfortable forms of clothing. This simply indicates that it is one of the popular forms of comfort wearing for men out there. However, there are several drawbacks that you may come across. Firstly, the polo shirts are mostly filled color. Secondly, the polo shirts are mostly of the same design. Lastly, the polo shirts are restricted to wearing on casual occasions. Polo shirts also have another drawback because people may not get their aspired design.

Design your own polo shirts online

In Thailand, 12tees have come up with this new scheme where the customers can design their own polo shirts. The customers can select the design, color and even the material from which the polo shirts are made. They also take bulk orders. So if you are to design your own polo shirts make sure you do it on 12tees.