Boon of field service tracking software

A field service tracking software is an application that manages the resources that work on client site or outside the office premises and communicates with field employees. It includes managing activities like transporting and administrative activities like inventory, accounting and much more. Field service tracking software can be deployed inside the company as well as on the cloud. Field service software streamlines and automates the complete service process integrates with the installed EAM/ERP system and provides connected and disconnected mobility.

Field service software is highly popular among field service companies because they can boost efficiency and reduce costs. To access customer data, do route planning and manage orders easily businesses can use this system. This software also provides communication tools to relay information between the office and the field. There are many perks of field service tracking and management software in day to day businesses:

Manage all work/accounts in one place

Field service tracking software allows managing and integrating all tools and activities in one place. There is no need to remember passwords, multiple usernames and URLs. All projects and processes are right there in front of one big, user-friendly platform. Field service tracking software makes a life lot easier.

Reduced scheduling time and ability to take the urgent task

Scheduling is a very time-consuming task and it takes a full day to plan routes of 20 or more technicians. Field service software make quick changes to the schedule and dispatchers have full schedules and routes in one place. It also reduces the time needed to create work orders. Equipping vehicles with GPS allows identifying the position and assign the nearest order to save effort and time. This software eliminates the duplication and overlapping of the task and it automatically re-assign technicians for high priority tasks, when technicians did not fulfil the task because they arrive late or feel sick.

Getting rid of paperwork

The risk of valuable data loss increases when cluttering the workplace with paper sheets. Excel is also not the best way to keep the information as it does not provide analytics and real-time dispatching. Field service software eliminates masses of paperwork and prevents data loss and duplicate entries.

Tracking anything and everything

Field service tracking software helps in calculating the time required to complete a job, sending invoices, booking or cancellation of appointments and streamlining the process. This software also takes care of functions like organizing and analyzing the data. It provides relevant answers to different service-related questions and helps to collect data from different sources across various devices.

Quicker invoicing

Invoicing is the most important and also the most frustrating part of a field service company. It can take a week to check the work done while all data are collected and calculated manually. Using field service tracking software all job information can send immediately captures from the field such as used part and materials, spend time, the electronic signature of a client and photos of job results. This software automatically calculates price, taking into account warranties, discounts and special pricing conditions.

Field service management app will reduce the routine task of employees and make management more effective.