Outdoor activities are a good exercise for an individual’s body. A person’s stamina, speed, strength, and motor skills are improved through playing outdoors. One’s physical form is not the only thing that will enhance and the amendment in a person’s self-esteem, image, and confidence. There will also be an improvement within one’s intellect, fast-thinking of tactics before doing an action, and hastened attention span.

Relaxing is also part of an individual’s refinement since a human’s muscles need to decompress. Too much workload can stress the whole body from within to the exterior. That is why it is essential to rest every once in a while.

Nonetheless, several players can’t stay put in one place. Since their body is used to moving, the joints and tendons are hungry for progression – even their minds are starving to be in motion. The good thing is there’s still another way to let one’s intellect move: Board games.

Board games, also known as parlor games, are prehistoric or are already existing even before people know how to write. It was the cornerstone of humanity’s oldest competition.

This documentation was proven when a 5,000-years-old of 49 small carved, painted rocks called BasurHoyuk burial were found in Southeast Turkey. A similar early origin board games were conceived in Syria and Iraq.

In 2012, the growth rate of people playing parlor games snowballed, and it began to be popular. Its popularity continued to cultivate throughout the year as more people’s interest perked up.

One of the reasons that parlor games became popular is that you can bring them anywhere.

Suppose you and your family desire to go outside and have time together; various outdoor game tables are perfect for family leisure. Read and find out on the infographic below brought to you by R&R Outdoors: