Affordable Tips for Essential Oil Users

Essential oils have taken the health, beauty, and lifestyle community by storm in the last decade. Their myriad of uses and, of course, delightful smells made millions of American believers.

But the price? Ouch.

Those tiny bottles can be upwards of $50! Who can afford that? Thankfully, there are some key tips to make using essential oils affordable. Read on to get the oily truth and save some $$$!

Start with the Basics

If you’re new to essential oils or just trying to watch your budget, try focusing on the power of more well-known oils such as lavender, peppermint, or lemon. You can purchase these common oils almost anywhere, and they cover a variety of needs.

Buying the basics can be more affordable because you could (if you already know you love them) buy in larger quantities at a reduced price point per mL. They also can be utilized for so many things: a handful of oils can pretty much do whatever you need, rather than buying 20 different oils for various functions.

Utilize a Carrier Oil

A carrier oil is a neutral, inexpensive oil such as coconut or olive that can stretch your essential oil and save you cash! You simply add a few drops of the pricey plant oil to the cheaper carrier oil.

The dilution won’t make it less effective, but it will allow you to use it topically with no skin irritation. Also, the carrier oil can have its own beneficial properties to help you out. But using a carrier will undoubtedly make your essential oil lifestyle more affordable.

Purchase in Smaller Bottles

Essential oils come in various sizes, and it goes without saying that smaller bottles are more affordable. If you use oils rarely or want to try something new, it’s best to buy in the smallest size, usually 5 mL.

Now, if you looove that oil and use it daily, then the price per unit is higher when you purchase tiny amounts. It just depends on how much you will be using the essential oil.

Buy in Bulk, Carefully!

Bulk buying can really save some cash, but only if you do it smartly. Many essential oil companies offer bundles that are less than getting the oils individually. This is especially helpful for those new to oils so that you can stock up quickly.

The only caveat is that you don’t want to be forced to purchase many oils that you won’t use. Skip that 25 bottle bundle, please! But a smaller grouping of favorites can be very affordable.

Use Them, Don’t Lose Them

Lastly, the worst thing to do is spend money on essential oils that you never use. Then you’re getting ZERO for your dollar, which is the opposite of affordable! Although essential oils are pure and do not mold or rot, they can degrade when exposed to oxygen, heat, and light.

If you open a bottle and don’t use it for an extended amount of time (within three years for most oils), don’t use it on your person, just in case, it has slightly changed over time. It can still be utilized for purifiers, scenting smelly drains, or anything you want to freshen in your home (although it may not be as effective). Just not your body.

Essential oils can be a powerful health and lifestyle tool in your arsenal. But to keep things affordable, remember these essential tips. Now go forth, and oil it up!

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