Affordable Organic Essential Oils: A Powerful Memory Trigger

Isn’t it interesting how our senses can trigger different memories? Some more powerful than others? For instance, we’ve all been some place out and about and you run into someone that you know you’ve met but you can’t remember where. Obviously, seeing someone or something is a powerful way to trigger a memory.

Next, you can have a memory triggered by hearing a song you haven’t heard in a long time. It can take you back to the place where you first heard it, and immediately you remember where you were and what you were doing at the time. Sounds can be an essential memory trigger. What’s better is if you didn’t have to pay for the song as it plays over the radio. Talk about affordable, as it plays for free!

With all this said, did you know that scientists have proven that organic scents are one of the most powerful memory triggers there is? Even over sight and sound! Think of some wonderful organic scents that are ingrained in your memory that bring a smile to your face. Perhaps it is the smell of your grandmother’s kitchen, a fresh apple pie, or a specific organic essential oil. We don’t often realize it, but everyday scents are all around us and with that, memories of our day are being interwoven into our mind.

This is one of the reasons why so many people invest in affordable organic essential oils. These affordable products can make each day of your life to be more impactful and more memorable! You may not realize it, but in years to come, the memories of today, can get replayed in the memories of tomorrow, just by using affordable and high quality essential oils.

Think of it, perhaps today, you were at your office or home, you had the wonderful smell of affordable organic essential oils permeating the room. In a month or so if someone were to ask you what you were doing on this day, just referenced, you more than likely wouldn’t remember. However even in years to come, if you caught a hint of the organic essential oil, it would trigger that memory.

Lastly, your memory can be triggered by pain. Sometimes physical and other times mental. Mental can even come in the form of over paying for something. Because it either cost too much or it wasn’t affordable for you at the time you wanted to buy it. When you find an affordable organic essential oil option, you are avoiding a painful memory, and investing in the powerful memory of scent!

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