Telehealth and Telemedicine are related to the same stream. Telehealth refers to the distribution of health services and information online.

This special technology allows the expert to coordinate their patient from a long distance. Also, they are able to counsel them about their medical problems, prescribe their suitable medicine and examination for the proper cure.

Telemedicine is also an online process where a specialized doctor prescribed medicine to their patients online.

Let’s understand the Telemedicine and how it is conducted. 

When it comes to medical terminology, an individual needs to be educated first before adapting it in their lives. Same goes for Telemedicine, and just following things blindly won’t help.

Telemedicine – meaning: 

The term telemedicine is used for the remote delivery of healthcare medicine. The service of Telemedicine is available in three ways.

Interactive medicine: 

This is a traditional approach followed ever since the medicine has come to its existence. In this mode, the patient needs to visit the doctor and participate in one to one consultation. Here the doctor does the physical examination of the patients and prescribes medicine.

Store and forward:  

Some remote places don’t have enough medical facilities like a medical practitioner, educated medical staff, appropriate medicine stock, etc.

In this mode of a medical facility, an individual meets a health expert available in their place. In such a situation, health expert forwards the details of the patient to the medical expert available in other place or nearby city.

Remote patient monitoring: 

This is the evolvement of the medical sector to the digital world. There are several places where people feel the lack of a medical facility in their area. In such a situation, the only thing that helps them to connect a medical expert is the technology.

So, now there are several medical forums like careclues.com where the doctors have their descriptions like area of expertise, rating, consultation charges, contact info etc.

After using the available information, people may connect to the respective medical expert and receive a suitable update about their health issues.

The method is quite reliable where many youngsters, working professionals, and old people connect to their doctors. So, no matter where your doctor is around the globe, you may easily get connected and feel content after receiving suitable consultation. No traveling, no headache of appointment. Get all the health updates by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Functionality of Telemedicine: 

There is certain type of software or online portal where patients get connected to their health expert via video.

Also, some telemedicine is conducted over portable telemedicine kits that include a computer and mobile medicine devices.  

Some medical forums have the features of multi functionalities where they provide the feature of video, audio, or text. Here, the prices may differ as per the contact services you choose.

Final Thoughts:

At the time, the situations can be trivial like you are all alone and feeling terribly sick. In this situation, you would only need to have some medicine that can give you instant relief in your pain. Through Telemedicine, you might not get the instant relief in your ailment, but you would get an expert device and by following the advice. After following the advice, you would certainly get significant relief in your pain, and later you may perform other necessary actions like diagnosis, physical check-ups, meeting up your doctor one to one, etc.