How To Disable The Unlock Pattern Or Password On Android

Forgotten the unlock pattern or password for your Android tablet or cell phone? Taking into account the amount of personal information that we keep on our devices, with each new version, android security measures have become more robust.

They include unlocking using facial recognition and a fingerprint reader to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hand. If you opted for the screen lock through a pattern or password, you have several options to unlock Huawei depending on your version of Android. Here we tell you what you can do.

Incorrectly Entering Your Password Five Times

If you are one of the few people with Android 4.4 KitKat or an earlier version, you have the possibility of accessing your device to make a backup before formatting it.

After entering the wrong password five times in a row, tap the “Forgot your password” that appears at the bottom of your screen. There, you can log in with the Google account linked to your device, and you will receive a code in your email that will unlock your device.

How To Unlock Your Android Screen With Smart Lock

If you have an Android tablet or Samsung mobile and previously configured Google Smart Lock, this may be your best option to disable your unlock Samsung Galaxy pattern or password without losing your data. Smart Lock automatically unlocks your device if it detects that you are transporting it when it is near trusted devices or when it detects your voice.

How To Remove The Unlock Pattern By Restoring Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Formatting your device is the last resort if none of the other options worked for you. Restoring your tablet or smartphone to its factory settings will allow you to delete your screen lock pattern, password or pin, but you will lose the data on the device (except those you have on your SIM and SD card). Your equipment will look like when you bought it. If you have a backup of your information in the cloud, log in to your email account, and everything will look like before.