Why You Should Be Careful About Selling Gold Jewellery Online

We live in a digital age where the internet has made it easy for people to shop and pretty much do anything from the comfort of their homes. It is easy to sell things, even your old jewellery on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Some sites offer to pay for your jewellery if you just sent mailed it, but selling gold jewellery involves a lot than what meets the eye. If you send your jewellery by mail how do you know you have a fair valuation for your gold? You won’t be able to unless you get a genuine valuation from a person who can give you a personal valuation by actually taking a look at what you have to sell. There are plenty of gold buyers that you can sell gold Jewellery Brisbane. They may just be around the corner, you will have to take the time out to drive around or find a reputable gold buyer in your area.

There have been a number of consumer sites that have done some research on what you can get for your gold when you decide to sell online. Today.com did an interesting experiment to see what you can expect when you sell your gold online. They sent gold jewellery to different online buyers to see what offers they would get.

They started by taking the gold to an expert appraiser who assayed the gold and calculated the it to be worth $450. When they sent it to online buyers the closest offer they got to $450 was a $393.36 and the lowest was $38.25. If you were looking to sell your gold online you wouldn’t know what the true value of your gold unless you did things the same way they went about doing it. It is easy to take a low offer because you don’t know any better. There is a whole process that needs to take place during a valuation. You need to know the quality of your gold, what the spot price of gold is and how much your gold weighs. Most people go to eBay to sell their gold. That takes some skill and some experience because there are a lot of scammers who pose as real buyers on eBay. Selling online to unknown buyers, even if they have a seemingly good reputation online, there is really no way of being sure especially if you have never done it before.

The best way to be certain that you are getting the right value for your gold jewellery is to get it appraised by an expert. A physical gold buyer will use the latest equipment to find out the exact composition of your jewellery. They can do all this in front of you so you don’t get scammed. There is often a problem with online buyers who want you to mail your jewellery. The common problem is having your jewellery getting lost in the mail or being stolen. It is always better to physically and personally sell gold jewellery Brisbane, this way you know you are getting what your jewellery is really worth. Everything happens in front of your eyes, and you don’t have to worry about having your jewellery stolen.