Why Choose a Direct Buyer Instead of a Realtor?

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If you own a home in Arizona and are looking to sell it soon, there are companies who would like to buy from you. This is a great option instead of working with a realtor. Here is how it works:

Call the company for a free consultation. They want to know about your specific situation. They want to know why you’re moving and what the current condition of the house is. Don’t let a property that is in disarray or in need of repairs deter you, the company you contact will most likely still be interested in buying your house because they take properties as-is. If you are working with a realtor, they might expect you to make repairs and they will expect you to clean before you move.

After reviewing all of your options, they will let you know if they would like to make a no-obligation fair offer for your home…in cash. Because they can pay in cash, the process is sped up much faster than if a realtor works with you and a buyer for your property. If you work with a direct buyer company, you won’t need to receive an appraisal or wait for documentation through the bank. Going through the bank can make the selling process quite lengthy, so letting a company buy your home can simplify the process so much.

After receiving your offer, if you choose to accept it, the process is totally customizable to you and your needs. You can close in just a week, if that’s what’s best for you. That’s four times faster, if not more, than selling through a realtor. This is especially helpful if you have a deadline that you need to be moved out by, for whatever circumstances you are under. If you were to work with a realtor, it would take a month or longer for the entire process to be completed, if the sale actually goes through.

Finding a company to buy your Arizona home can be a much better option than working with a realtor to maybe sell your property. With a direct buyer, you are getting a fair price for your home. If you work with a realtor, there’s no telling if you will have to drop the price in order to sell it. Make your life easier, and call a company today for your free consultation to see if you’re a good candidate to sell your home for cash.

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