Who Is English Immersion Suitable For?

 English immersion can be done for any student, from children to entrepreneurs. Thus, the greater the contact, the faster the fluency for anyone.

The advantages of immersion

There are many advantages of practicing English immersion for English course online (คอร์ส อังกฤษ ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai). Some of them are:

  • Learning time-saving
  • clear objective
  • Study with a group that has the same purpose.
  • The practice of real situations
  • Appreciation of the curriculum faster
  • Improved listening and pronunciation
  • It is even possible to immerse in English at home too, not just at school.

English Immersion At Home

 It is not just at school that this methodology can work. It is even essential that studies continue at home. As such, immersing in English in everyday life is an excellent way to learn.

Therefore, surrounding yourself with the language at home can help you learn faster. Some tips are to name your objects in English, talk to other residents in English, listen to songs in English and even watch movies in English. That way, before you know it, you’ll be speaking the language easily.

At home, you have some advantages:

  • You practice even more with everyday things
  • Reinforce what you’ve learned
  • Learn naturally, without suffering.
  • But how to create this immersive environment?
  • Sounds super easy when we talk about English immersion at home, right? But for those who are still studying, it may not be that simple. So, some specific tips are:
  • Change the language of your devices (cell phones, computers, televisions, social networks)
  • Search English to English dictionaries (avoid translations to Portuguese)
  • School is a time to just think and speak in English
  • Read news in English
  • Read books and listen to podcasts in English
  • Turn off subtitles or use English subtitles
  • Take notes in English
  • Find friends to chat in English
  • label the objects in English

It is necessary to study in good schools with good methodologies to understand the English language better. It’s not enough to know a few words like “Underdog Effect” or “Fake News.” It is necessary to study.