Which Is More Effective? – Solvent Trap Cleaning System or Just Oil and Cloth

Proper maintenance is essential for the durability of anything, firearms included. A firearm is like any machine that accumulates dirt over time. Most firearms are made of steel; therefore, rust build-up is expected over time. Unfortunately, poor maintenance will reduce the firearm’s efficiency.

Now, there is a lifelong debate on what should be used in cleaning firm arms. Many firearm users believe it’s okay to use just oil and cloth, while other firearm dealers recommend using a solvent trap cleaning system rather than just oil and cloth?

Are you wondering which is more effective: Solvent Trap Cleaning System or Just Oil and Cloth?

Solvent Trap Cleaning System Versus Just Oil and Cloth

This post will give our expert opinion on why we feel using a solvent trap cleaning system is more effective than just using oil and cloth in cleaning your firearm.

In the past, firearm owners use the traditional steel brush, oil, and a piece of clothing to clean their firearm. But with advancement in technology, solvent traps were developed. However, even with the emergence of solvent trap cleaning systems, most people still prefer the traditional way of cleaning a firearm.

But which is more effective between using Solvent Trap Cleaning System and using Oil and Cloth?

Cleaning Firearm in the Traditional Way Using Just Oil and Cloth

Although solvent traps have become an indispensable tool for firearm maintenance in the 21st century, you can also use just oil and cloth to clean your firearms in the absence of solvent traps. However, it will not be as effective as using a solvent trap cleaning system.

Now, to effectively clean your firearm using a homemade solution, you need the following:

  • Reel cloth
  • Cleaning swab
  • Utility brushes
  • Bore snake
  • Bore brush

Again, you can clean your firearm with just oil and cloth, but this won’t give you the effective cleaning a solvent trap firearm cleaning system will give you. Nevertheless, cleaning with just oil and water is still better than not cleaning at all. Isn’t it?

Cleaning Your Firearm Using a Solvent Trap Kit

For many reasons, using a solvent trap cleaning system is a more effective approach than using just oil and cloth when it comes to firearm cleaning. These reasons include:

Solvent traps are Safer, Neater, and Easier

For one outstanding fact, solvent traps are safer since the chemical wastes are trapped inside the solvent trap cups. This means the environment is safe since the chemicals won’t become pollutants. Moreover, this means you get to enjoy a neater cleaning area, and you save yourself long hours of cleaning up since the solvents cannot litter the environment.

Solvent traps are economical

Additionally, solvent traps let you cut down the cost of buying cleaning solvents. Most firearm users find solvent trap kits and the cleaning solution quite expensive, and that’s why they result in using just oil and cloth. However, if you analyze it critically, you will realize that buying solvent trap kits is a worthy investment since you can recycle the solvent and use it several times. Therefore, in reality, cleaning your firearm with solvent trap kits proves to be more economical since you can’t guarantee that you will recycle the oil or cloth in the next cleaning routine.

Solvent traps are more effective

Apart from solvent traps being more economical and safer, they are also more effective than just oil and clothing in cleaning firearms. Since they were specially made for cleaning firearms, they do so with optimum efficiency. This is unlike oil and clothing, which are usually afterthoughts due to the absence of better alternatives. Solvent trap cleaning kits are also durable and reliable.

No doubt, solvent traps are better than just oil and clothing in cleaning firearms. Therefore, it is wise for you to invest in a high-quality Armory Den solvent trap kit. Armory Den offers a wide collection of solvent trap cleaning systems that are not only customizable and stylish but can keep your firearm in good operating condition.