Types of Coworking Space available Today

Whether your company is a large one or a startup. Whether you are currently focusing on the growth of the company in terms of employees or profit. One thing that cannot be ignored is the co-working spaces and their flexibility. They have become a new favourite of almost all startups. With custom build, flexible terms and a whole lot of amenities, there is always a co-working space that fits the business. Find Comprehensive shared office space for your business.

The problem lying ahead is figuring out with so many options available, which co-working space will suit your needs. To have a better idea, we will observe the basic co-working spaces that are being offered and compare them to know how they are different.

Types of Coworking

Different companies have different needs, this defines their criteria to find the best co-working spaces.


Open co-working is what generally comes to the mind of people. These spaces are not geared towards any specific organization but focus more on an open and collaborative way of working. These spaces will have economic benefits but will not have privacy. You can get an Attractive shared office space in Gurgaon for your business needs.

Full Service

A high-end co-working space has better amenities than a conventional one. They offer industrial sites, commercial kitchen, food, beverages etc. Thus, due to the amenities available, they are differentiated from the rest of the spaces.


This type of co-working caters more to the professional or corporate tenants. It will be a more budget-friendly option for those who cannot afford a full-service co-working. It will not be a suitable option for a small innovative start-up.

Private Workspaces

This category of co-working is for those who seek a pace privately for themselves. They offer a unique brand agenda with dedicated conference rooms. These spaces are usually for a team of 8 or more. They provide the same flexibility of co-working with the benefit of a traditional office.


This is the minimalist approach to co-working space. Affordability is the primary factor here. These open spaces are large and you will find very less furniture and decors. Aside from WIFI the facilities provided also might be minimal. In terms of atmosphere, these places are quiet and casual and suitable for creative businesses.