The Unique Significance Of The Rich Gastronomic Tradition In France

France is a country that is famous for its wines, architecture, fashion, culture, art, and gastronomic traditions. In France, each region has its culinary specialties and traditions which make it one of the most exciting trips to explore all these cuisines. Because of its unique and rich traditions, French gastronomy is internationally recognized by UNESCO as a unique cultural and intangible heritage.  

The French way of life pays special attention to everything related to food. The country is especially attached to a three-meal day routine. Traditionally, breakfast is done in the morning around 8 am lunch at 1 pm, and last dinner at 8 pm. French gastronomy has built itself over many years. It is a result of extremely creative and talented cooks coming together to make creative recipes that have now spread all around the world. 

French gastronomy has become a way of life for everyone. France has always had a close attachment to the richness and diversity among all its regions. This is called the “Terroir”, a social concept in France which makes them appreciate their cuisines even more. 

French people take their own time to eat by surrounding themselves with friends and family which makes them appreciate their meals and enjoy every moment. They like to have a good time and that’s how French gastronomy has become a way of life in France. Wine, bread, and cheese are always the essentials.  

A traditional french household will start their meal with an “Aperitif”, this is when people chat and share wine. Then everyone will gather around the table and enjoy the “Entrees”, which is the starter meal in France. Then comes the main course which will include fish or meat, with a plate of cheese. And at last, everything is essentially finished with a finger-licking dessert. All this being paired with bread and a glass of rich wine

The reason why French gastronomy has become so famous around the world is due to the special technique the French use to prepare their herbs and ingredients in every meal, which makes the flavors go so well with each other. Then the careful selection of dishes is a huge part of the French culture along with the pairing of wine with food. All this has made the word “French gastronomy” having a definition of its own.