The Pros and Cons of Art Printing Services

If you want to boost your sales as an artist, you might want to consider art printing services. But what exactly is it, and should you explore it for your business?

Art printing and framing services involve working with a third-party supplier to print and customise your artistic creations, then produce them in single or small quantities to be delivered to clients. 

Art printing is a fantastic way to gain a larger venue and customer base without significant investment, but it also presents some pitfalls. To help you achieve better insight, here are the pros and cons of art printing services:

The Pros of Art Printing Services

Many artists are looking to partner with reliable art printing services; it is easy to see why. If you are curious how such an industry is booming in the world of art, here are some of the advantages you might enjoy:

  • Cost-Effectiveness – The problem with making art prints on your own is the money and time you need to invest. Instead of blowing your budget purchasing software, equipment, and materials, delegate the work to an art printing company. Art printing services also eliminate the need for bulk orders, saving you from upfront costs and excess inventory.
  • Inventory Management – Art printing services also handle everything related to inventory, such as storing, managing, and shipping your art prints. This frees you time to work on your creations instead of bothering with administrative tasks.
  • Customisation – Competitive art printing companies offer more than just printing services. Some allow artists to customise their art prints, add frames, and choose their canvas.
  • Low Risk – Since you don’t have to invest in anything substantial and worry about financial losses, artists can freely experiment with new designs and ideas. 

The Cons of Art Printing Services

While art printing services are excellent sources of additional income for artists, they also have a series of shortcomings. Depending on your needs and the company you hired, you might encounter the following drawbacks:

  • Dependence on the Third Party – When partnering with art printing services, you rely heavily on their performance and efficiency. Unfortunately, you do not have control over how the company operates.
  • Limited Quality Control – With art printing services, you may not have a say in the branding, packaging, and customer experience, which leads to quality inconsistency.

The Verdict

All services have their own sets of disadvantages. The pros of art printing services outweigh the cons, with many disadvantages easily resolvable by hiring a competent third party.

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