The Engraved Rings With the best Looks for the Special Occasion

Engraving gives the Moissanite Rings a special meaning. There are no restrictions in content and form: these can be remembered dates, names or initials, simple and personal expressions, symbols of love, peace, and eternity. Phrases can be written in any language: English, Russian, Latin, and even engrave Japanese hieroglyphs.

In English:

  • I love you I love you;
  • Crazy about you (I’m crazy about you);
  • Infinite love;
  • Only you;
  • I will always love you;
  • You and me.

If you choose a phrase that is too long, it turns out that the font will be small and you will be able to read what is written only with a magnifying glass.

Financial possibilities

One of the main reasons for buying a ring is its price. Abroad, it is common to focus on a price equal to the groom’s two-month income. In our country, some men have relatively recently begun to follow this tradition, but have not yet had time to take root firmly, so there are no strict rules for linking the price of a ring to income.

Before choosing, the groom must soberly assess financial capabilities. Not everyone can afford to buy a diamond ring, and in this case it is worth paying attention to an elegant ring with semi-precious stones.

There is a way that allows you to save up to 50% on your purchase, this is the so-called upgrade. You can give one or several old jewelry in a specialized store that provides this service and get a good discount when buying a new ring.

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Personal preferences of the girl

When choosing a ring you should not neglect the preferences of the bride. To determine the style of the future ring, you need to pay attention to the jewelry that the girl wore in everyday life, which style does she prefer: classic or modern?

With leading questions, it is easy to find out which stones and which metal they like. If the chosen one loves gold, then you can certainly buy a gold ring, but if she likes white metal, then white gold, silver or platinum will be the right choice.

It is important to pay attention to the length, shape and thickness of your loved one’s fingers. So big rings will look ridiculous on a graceful handle, and conversely, thin rings on a chubby hand will surely get lost. The main criterion is that the girl with the jewelry should be comfortable.

Compatibility with other jewelry

The ring should be chosen according to the style of jewelry that the girl prefers. If it is a classic style, then the ring should also be classic. Classics remain a priority even in cases where there are difficulties in determining the favorite style of the chosen one. A classic ring goes well with jewelry of any style.

If a girl prefers certain brands of jewelry, then you should try to choose an engagement ring from their collections. The color of the jewelry also plays an important role which a girl usually wears. Before the final choice, you need to be sure that the engagement ring will not force you to leave your favorite jewelry due to the fact that it will simply stand out from the general style of accessories.

How to choose a size?

Before buying, you need to find out the size of the bride’s ring because it is considered accurate on it. In order not to spoil the surprise of the upcoming engagement, the groom will have to work a little harder.

The simplest options for choosing the size of your engagement ring:

  • Take any ring of your choice and take it to the gem to determine its size. All that was left was to put the jewelry back in its place so that the girl would not discover the loss;
  • If it is not possible to take the ring for a long time, the contours of the ring can be drawn on paper;
  • Wrap a sheet of paper in a tube; insert it into a ring, firmly distributing the paper along the contour. Then the paper must be well secured, removed from the ring, and taken to a jewelry store;
  • The groom can put any beloved ring on his finger as deep as possible and mark the place where he sank. At a jewelry store, choose a ring on your finger making sure it is in the right place. Or ask the jeweler to weigh a finger around the stamp and suggest a size;
  • Attract the bride’s mother or her close friend to steal the ring or reveal the size, but in this case an absolute guarantee is needed that the accomplices will be able to resist the temptation and will not reveal the secret of the upcoming event;
  • For fans of big gestures, it is desirable to walk to the salon together because of this feature. You can organize everything in a very romantic way, for example, without words or explanations bring a girl to a jewelry salon with a blindfold. It’s just important to be willing to buy the ring the girl chooses.

Photos from the jewelry catalog can also tell you which ring to choose. This option is suitable for a practical couple and will appeal to a girl who prefers to get what she dreams of and does not like unhappy surprises.

Signs and traditions

The engagement ring must not be removed until the wedding itself. It symbolizes the strength of a relationship and the sincerity of feelings. It can be removed only after the registration of the marriage;

  • You need to handle the ring carefully, store it in a box;
  • An engagement ring can become a family heirloom that can be inherited to strengthen a child’s marriage;
  • Losing an engagement ring is a bad sign, which is why most women wear it on one finger along with their wedding ribbon.

The engagement ring is a special symbol, representing which man brings the marriage proposal. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to organize a magnificent, to order to gather guests. It is important for a man to show the seriousness of his intentions and to present the chosen one as a symbol of love and fidelity. But unfortunately, most young people are confused when it comes to buying jewelry.