Safety tips for operating power generators so as not to run risk

The benefits that power generators can provide are many, such as the guarantee of convenience and comfort and the security of not having losses in your home or company with the lack of electricity. However, it is necessary to follow some steps during the installation and maintenance of the equipment, to guarantee its useful life and not run the risk of fire, explosions or other problems. To prevent possible accidents, we have separated 7 tips on how to properly maintain your generator and maintain safety.

Avoid explosions and fires

The generators are powered by diesel oil or gasoline, both of which are flammable. To avoid fires, it is necessary to install them in a firm, level place, in an isolated area and very well cleaned and ventilated to balance the hot air. It must also be a minimum distance of one meter from walls or other objects and the installation must be done by a qualified professional, to avoid possible accidents. Always keep a fire extinguisher close to the equipment, do not smoke on the spot, wipe off oil splashes, check that there is no flammable material in the compartment and comply with all fuel storage and handling laws.

Engine oil level

If engine oil levels are below ideal, the equipment may not work properly or even burn more fuel. It is always necessary to check with the dipstick if it is at the correct level for each use and change the engine oil after every 20 hours of use. It is also important to check the number of hours of use in the manual, as the number may vary for each generator.

Cleaning the air filter

The air filter must also be checked with each use and its cleaning must be done, on average, every 50 hours. In the case of a filter, it is also important to pay attention to the manual to know the correct number of hours of use for each cleaning.

Keep the control panel closed

To prevent the generator control panel from shorting and starting a fire, it is important that it is kept closed. This will prevent people who are not authorized to operate the equipment from performing incorrect actions.

Pay attention to the panel indications

It is important to always pay attention to the panel and the indications it points to, so that there is no problem. It is necessary and essential to know how to turn off the generator in case of emergencies and use all the equipment’s controls, such as sockets and electrical connections.

Abnormal noises

Power generators cause noise according to their power. However, it is very important to pay attention to abnormal noise, excessive vibration or very loud noise from the equipment. Whenever something unusual is detected, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer of the product or the person responsible for the installation. Buy Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator which is quiet and easy to handle compared to other power generator in the segment.

Fuel level

Before starting, it is necessary to check the amount of fuel in the tank and make sure that there are no leaks of diesel or gasoline.

In the end

In addition to all these tips, it is important to follow additional ones, such as use all the PPE’s suitable for operating generators and be very careful with the exhaust smoke, as it contains agents toxic substances that if inhaled can cause unconsciousness or even death. It is also necessary to be careful with electric shocks during the operation of the equipment, keep hands, feet and clothing away from fans and other moving or hot parts and never try to remove any part of the equipment while it is in operation.