Prologue To Angry Birds

A great deal of you have caught wind of a game called Angry Birds. This article is a clarification of the game, the idea and the marvel behind it. Rovio Mobile is this application organization in Finland. After a conversation about Bird Flu and Swine Flu, the organization built up this anecdote about pigs taking eggs from flying creatures and how it causes confusion between the two.

Irate Birds is certainly Scandinavian. The fledgling is a cherished animal there and this game takes advantage of that attitude. The game revolves around a bunch of various characters. The object of the game is for you to send winged animals off in a slingshot to knock off pigs from an assortment of structures. In different adaptations of the game, there are additionally macaw flying creatures and marmosets.

Anyway, what does peacock eats? Various signs consolidate poor productivity of their peafowl eggs close by a terrible deliver speed for bounteous peafowl eggs.


The RED BIRD is your principle character. There’s nothing extravagant about this flying creature. At the point when you hurl the cardinal, it will commonly break glass or one wood bar. It doesn’t work at all against stone boards or squares, so stay away from those no matter what. The BLUE BIRD works prevalently against glass. When you dispatch these flying creatures, you can tap your screen again and this fowl will part into three littler blue flying creatures. Your most solid option is to concentrate on glass squares or perhaps a wood board that you can have every one of the three flying creatures target. By doing that, the effect once in a while will topple that wood board and make an opening.

The WHITE BIRD has a couple of good employments. It’s a greater molded winged creature that will drop an egg on an objective in the event that you tap the screen. In the event that you decide not to drop the egg, it will barrel into most structures for reward harm. The BLACK BIRD is likewise alluded to as the “plane feathered creature”. Likely the most damaging everything being equal, this fowl will crash through all structures. The reward is that you can explode it and cause considerably more blasts for inadvertent blow-back.

The CUCKOO BIRD is two conjoined winged animals that fly in an unpredictable manner. They take out a bigger number of squares than a typical fowl, however other than that, they don’t serve a lot of utilization. The GREEN BIRD is considered the “boomerang” winged animal and can be shot forward or in invert, which is decent.


The GREEN PIGS are only your ordinary foe that endure one shot to knock off their roost. The JUMBO PIG endures 3 shots. You can tell where you are at, as far as taking them out, in view of the quantity of bruised eyes. Each hit comprises a bruised eye and a bit nearer to knockout. The ARMY PIG has a hard cap on and is progressively hard to annihilate. There are likewise MARMOSETS, otherwise called monkeys, and enormous white MACAWS, which require various hits to take out.

The irresistible component to this game is that you need to accomplish three brilliant stars for each stage. You can progress with one star, yet three stars is the thing that everybody is after. There are heaps of mystery levels and parts of the game that keep you excited and engaged. Each kind of flying creature and pig has their own idiosyncrasies and quirks that make the game diversion for all. The materials utilized in the production of each structure all have an importance on the grounds that not all flying creatures can topple that specific material. I’ll compose another article in regards to what Rovio Mobile is doing to facilitate its image and connect with its clients and fans. The achievement of this establishment is wonderful and an intriguing examination.