New York shampoo for gray hair

Gray hairs cause considerable discomfort not only to women. Men are more susceptible to changes in their appearance, especially if gray hair appears at a relatively early age.

There are radical methods of struggle – dyeing strands, but this method negatively affects the hair condition – dries, makes it brittle. Shampoo for men gray hair is the optimal solution to aesthetic problems. Let’s see – what types of shampoo exist, how to choose and how to use it.

The mechanism of gray hair in women and men is similar. The main reason is the natural processes in the body, which lead to a slowdown in the synthesis of pigment staining strands. Over time, this pigment disappears completely. Silvery strands appear gradually. At first, individual gray hairs are mixed with the total mass of hair, they are almost imperceptible. Then the number of gray hairs increases, and they completely replace the pigmented strands.

If the number of gray hairs is uncritical, choose a tinting shampoo for men gray hair as Manhattan Barbers do. Do this better in a professional salon with the master. If the hair is completely gray, the use of tinting shampoo  is risky enough, as the result can be unpredictable. In this case, it is better to give an aesthetically attractive look to gray strands.

As for the shampoo, in addition to coloring pigments, it includes extracts of medicinal herbs that provide nutrition to the bulbs, can slow down the process of gray hair. Advantages of matting shampoo for gray hair are: the pigment in the cells is gradually restored; hair follicles and scalp look better; the process of gray hair appearance slows down; hair becomes more well-groomed; hair growth is activated.

A good shampoo composition for gray hair contains the following ingredients:

ginger – activates blood circulation and the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles;

thyme – starts the process of restoring pigmentation, strengthens the bulbs.

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