NCERT Books and Exemplar Problems in CBSE Exams  

Yearly, before the academic year begins, the CBSE board produces a new Test Curriculum, and the CBSE provides study materials, blueprints, and exam patterns in accordance with the updated syllabus. Based on the most recent CBSE Syllabus, the National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) prepares and distributes textbooks to CBSE students at the basic and secondary levels.

“The question is, “Which book is ideal for getting the highest possible score on the final test or board exam?” When studying for their board examinations, most students have this question. The NCERT books, which the Central Board of Higher Education recommends, will be the answer in this scenario because they cover all of the themes in-depth. This is best for solving questions from all subjects like physics, maths, chemistry Q&A.Take a look at the data below for a complete list of benefits.

NCERT books and NCERT Exemplar Problems benefits CBSE students.

Students will benefit from completing the book’s self-assessment exercises, as well as learning the essential ways to deal with complex problems. Let’s point out the benefits they provide.

The vast majority of CBSE Board questions are drawn solely from NCERT textbooks.

There is a widespread misconception that NCERT texts are insufficient for CBSE board preparation. CBSE only asks questions from NCERT texts, thus students should be aware of this. Because nothing else is normally necessary, you should read and study these works completely.

In NCERT, the critical questions after chapters are usually twisted and posed in boards.

The NCERT books provide some critical questions at the end of each chapter. These sorts of questions include fill in the blanks, match the following, descriptive questions, and one-word questions. Because CBSE regularly twists and incorporates unique questions in board exams, it is vital for candidates to learn all of these areas fully.

Subjects that are difficult to grasp are discussed in simple terms.

Every essential subject in your curriculum is covered in each NCERT book, including accurate and reliable information. As a consequence, if you’re having difficulty learning a difficult topic, NCERT books can help.

Boost your core understanding.

These books not only cover the whole CBSE curriculum, but they also help you reinforce your fundamental knowledge of each area.Nothing will be able to stop you from answering questions of any difficulty level throughout the exam once you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

For a month, study NCERT books and former question papers. You’ll be able to respond in a minute.

After a month of strictly following NCERT and studying from these books, you would be able to answer all of the questions from the prior papers in a shot.All of CBSE’s queries are answered by NCERT. To put your knowledge to the test, a few numbers and words are manipulated.

It aids in revising.

You must revise and practise enough to recall what you learnt, regardless of how hard you prepare for the exams. While reviewing, you should answer all of the questions in the exercise at the end of each chapter. After you’ve done this, you’ll be a pro at answering any question on the exam. For instance, solving physics questions, you need to understand the concept and learn the formulas and equations. You should also get into the habit of writing these questions in the same language as the NCERT textbooks.


The Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM) and NCERT prepared some significant ‘Exemplar Problems’ in Science and Mathematics for 9th to 12th to increase students’ learning abilities and test their understanding, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills ability. These concerns are critical not only for tests, but also for boosting educational learning. Students might benefit from tackling the book’s self-assessment tasks as well as acquiring the fundamental approaches for addressing complicated issues.