Make the Right Choice For Your Kitchen Shutters

In many modern homes, you will find modular kitchen designs. They have become extremely popular among homeowners. This is owing to the various benefits that modular kitchens offer. Not only is a modular kitchen design aesthetically appealing but also more functional. A modular kitchen appears very organised and clean, which enhances your cooking experience. You can get customised options as well that allow creating a modular kitchen design that caters to all your needs and reflects your personality. Moreover, installing a modular kitchen is easy and consumes very little time. All the parts are pre-fabricated at the manufacturing site and they are assembled and installed in the kitchen. Every cabinet features an inner box that is made of a core material such as MDF or plywood and an outer rolling shutter in the kitchen. There are various options available that can be used for the kitchen shutter to give a more aesthetically appealing look. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any colour, finish, etc. Mentioned below are a few common choices that you may like:

01 of 05 High-gloss PU painted shutters 

For making this type of rolling shutter in the kitchen, a clear polyurethane(PU) coating is applied on the material used for making it and auto-coat paints are applied. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is the vibrant high glossy look. You can choose any colour that complements the look of the kitchen and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Further, these cabinet shutters have a longer lifespan as they are waterproof. Cleaning them becomes easier owing to this feature as well. Just make sure you do not leave a lot of fingerprints on them. Since it has a reflective surface, it can prove to be beneficial in small kitchens as reflective surfaces make any small space appear larger.

02 of 05 Painted glass shutters 

If you want to give your cabinet shutter a very appealing look, you can consider opting for painted glass shutters in your modular kitchen. In this type of kitchen shutter, the high-gloss paint stays on the inside of the glass. As a result, the entire look of the kitchen appears very stylish. If you want, you can get any design printed on the glass as well to further add to the visual interest. Experts suggest using toughened glass for this purpose, especially for the base cabinets, so that they are durable and do not get damaged easily. 

03 of 05 Glass shutters and aluminium profiles 

If you want to opt for a minimalistic kitchen that features a sleek design, consider opting for glass shutters with aluminium profiles. Depending on your preferences, you can either opt for clear glass or frosted glass. Both choices will give your kitchen design a contemporary and modern look. Moreover, these are ideal for small kitchen designs as they have a very light appearance and make small spaces appear larger. These options are very durable and sturdy. You can either use sliding hinges or lift-up hinges for fitting them. 

04 of 05 Solid wood shutters 

Many people do not choose solid wood shutters anymore because they are not considered a sustainable option. However, if you want to give your modular kitchen design a very appealing and elegant look, you can consider choosing solid wood kitchen shutters for your cabinet shutters. Its unmatched beauty and charm certainly make it one of the most expensive options. Further, sourcing wood is often not easy. These shutters are entirely made of wood and the exposed surfaces are given a waterproof resin polish so that the material stays protected and its beauty further increases. Wood’s natural grains significantly enhance the appeal of the overall kitchen. If you want to opt for eco-friendly options, you can choose reclaimed or recycled wood for making your kitchen cabinet shutters. 

05 of 05 Veneer shutters 

Veneer shutters are an extremely popular choice in modern modular kitchen designs. They are basically thin slices of wood pressed onto MDF or plywood. As a result, the surfaces of these shutters appear just like real wood. You just have to get them polished and give a finish that mimics natural wood. This will help to bring down your expenditures significantly without compromising on the aesthetic beauty of the cabinet shutters. Make sure that wooden beading is provided on the edges of the ply. While choosing veneers in the market, you will easily find them in different shades of teak, oak, and walnut. This will give you the freedom to choose any option you like. As a result, you will be able to create a kitchen design of your choice. These veneer shutters feature wood grains as well that are ideal if you want a country-chick or cottage-like feel in your modular kitchen design.