Because a condenser fan motor will get moistened as well as be subjected to the components, it’s ranked for usage outdoors sealed up on completions as well as sides to maintain water out. These motors are generally one speed as well as be available in horsepower varieties from 1/6-1/3 hp. They always have a capacitor, usually a dual capacitor if it’s an original electric motor, and a solitary capacitor if it’s a replacement aftermarket motor. The manufacturing facility motor typically has three cords and the aftermarket variation generally has four cords.

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The main thing to bear in mind on a condenser fan motor is the main solution concern is usually a negative capacitor. This issue usually surfaces in areas throughout summer, when the weather is best. If the motor is bad, gauge the fan blade elevation to the finger guard before you ever remove it. The placement of the blade is definitely paramount to the procedure of the condenser, more so than its initial placement on the electric motor shaft. As a result, you must always keep any replacement fan blades at the precise same height, considering that getting this blade elevation incorrect by also an inch can imply the compressor will overheat as well as wear out. If you need to change the condenser fan electric motor as well as a capacitor, remember these vital pieces of information initially:

  • RPM
  • HP
  • Framework dimension
  • Voltage

Above all, never try to force the substitute blade onto the motor. Besides, a motor is easy to change while the proper fan blade could take you weeks to find.

Ultimately, do not fall back on the assumption that you can simply substitute a different pitch blade when necessary. The wrong size or kind will not work as well as may overheat the fan electric motor or simply stagnate sufficient air, meaning that the air conditioning unit won’t do its work. Airflow at the condenser is essential.

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