Know how to cope with mental health affected by a computer screen

Computers have been a part of human life since last two-three decades. Since its inception, it has come up with new innovations to make the human life easier than before in any sense possible. Nowadays, people are living in a digital era where one can get all the required services to live life using the computer. From checking mails to ordering necessary amenities and medicines or even booking an appointment with the doctor, all can be done using a computer. But with technological innovations come problems too. You would not believe how these innovations can harm human health to such instance. 

 It is quite some time now that people around the world have learnt about the symptom of shallow breathing while working on the computer. In fact, experts have mentioned that, people feel quite tensed when they check their mails at any point of the day. This situation has worsened so much that the physicians have named it as screen apnea, even it is also popular as email apnea. 

What is wrong with the person?

The concept came out when former Apple and Microsoft employee Linda Stone mentioned that she noticed everyone around her to hold their breath while checking their emails or looking at their screen. She also found that about herself too that the breathing happening at a shallower rate while checking the screen. As a researcher she also identified the problem to become a threatful one as more and more people these days are working online over a laptop or a desktop. 

Expert medical executives have mentioned that this is a serious condition as email apnea hamper the balance of all the gases existing in a human system like oxygen, carbon-dioxide, and more. This can become dangerous if it enters the immune system of the person affected as that can harm the capability of fighting the viruses. The physicians suggest proper treatment to the patients from experienced doctors. Even some of the doctors have said to the extent that if checked well, every person has a level of the disease growing up within them. 

Tips for coping?

Though the condition requires medical help, that is nor for all. Some can handle the situation on their own. They just have to keep some basic things in mind and try to keep the symptoms in check. Some of these potential options are- 

  • Though people ignore the posture while working for hours, it affects the breathing process also. You need to sit straight enough to keep the breathing normal as well as provide the lower back enough chance to maintain the posture. 
  • One should not sit for long hours in the same posture and taking small breaks in hours can be helpful to avoid this concern. The exercises suggested for such table jobs can also be a goof option along with stretches at intervals. 
  • According to experts, stress is a potential reason for shallow breath. As people fix their vision on screen these days, they miss out the non-verbal mode of communication and misunderstanding rises flaring up the stress among the individual which reflects in breathing issues. 
  • Personnel with all day table work should take a break to stroll around and breathe some fresh air other than the suffocating air-conditioning in the office. These sessions lessen the burden as well as the stress to increase the productivity rate. 
  • You should try simple breathing exercises and yoga to stay free form extreme work pressure. 
  • Healthy life style and eating healthy food is also a part of the job that help you to live healthy free from such stress and anxiety. 

You should be more careful about your health and be more considerate to treat mental health with the same level of importance.