Jewellery trends all over Instagram right now

Looking to upgrade your jewellery stash and don’t know where to look? There is no better place to look than Instagram to take inspiration from your favourite influencer. Not only this, you get ideas about how the jewellery will look like, how to style it, and scores of photography ideas.

So here is a look at some real wearable trends all over our favourite ‘gram’ that are sure to steal the show:

  • Long drop earring: Drop earrings are all over Instagram trends these days. Especially those that fall just on your shoulder. For a kitschy and glamorous look pick up drop earrings that are chin-length and studded with colourful tassels and huge coloured stones. Whatever be the time and occasion, you can’t go wrong with them.

  • Layered bracelets: One of the hottest trends of the 1970s is back and how! Multiple bracelets in similar metal tones are all the rage right now. Or go boho and bunch up bracelets in vibrant and contrasting colours like gold, green, red, and blue. These stacks can be of delicate or chunky bracelets, whatever takes your fancy. Want to take this style a notch higher? Add a classy watch to your bracelet stack to add modern chic to your look. Looking for more ideas, add daily wear gold bangles to your stack of bronze bracelets for a vintage sparkle.

  • Stacked rings: There is no trend that’s as popular as stacked rings. Gone are the days when you used to style a single ring in each finger. Now it is all about more. For a fun look, you can mix metals even on a single finger. The key to a stylish stack of rings is their placement. Small rings placed as midi or knuckle rings are the hottest trend right now. You can even mix thicker and thinner bands together to ‘up’ that look.

  • Tubular jewellery: The bigger the bolder the better! That’s what the Instagram trends predict. Get ready for thick ‘tubey’ chokers, earrings, and rings- all looking like chunky and smooth tubes. They look great in golden and silver hues. What’s more, you would need just a single piece to top off your outfit.

  • Charms: The super-fun charm jewellery that we used to love as kids are back in vogue now. They are like a scrapbook of emotions, fun, and remembrances. And they are not limited to your wrists as bracelets anymore. Charm jewellery studded with shells, moon, hearts, tiny initial pieces, is being loved in necklaces, earrings, and even rings. This jewellery works for women of all ages and adds a fun edge to any outfit that you wear.

  • Stoned: The latest trend to have captured everyone’s fancy is jewellery studded with stones. Stones in different hues like turquoise and ruby-red add not only textures but also an interesting depth to any piece of jewellery. You can mix and match different coloured stones and see a whole new character added to your everyday piece. You can look for gold rings with stone that serve as chic statement pieces or chunky chandelier earrings studded with rubies. Another great trend in stone is studded anklets. Delicate chains of silver studded with Swarovski and pearls look super-cute when worn with cropped denim. Studded jewellery looks great on all ages and occasions.

So now that you know the best of trends, go ahead and try them out. Remember, don’t be afraid to experiment with these latest trends and styles. But what’s more important is that you should carve out your own style and let it speak a million words for you.