How the polo shirts were designed?

The history of the development of polo shirt is a fascinating tale. The earliest known polo shirt design came from India contrary to popular belief that says polo shirts were developed in the United Kingdoms. In the eighteenth century the east India company workers saw Manipuri people playing polo in India. From there the drive to design comfortable clothing for sports came into being. And the first clothing that the company developed was the polo shirts. Polo shirts though designed first in India, was made popular by the British people who used to wear it during different types of games such as tennis and golf. This is how a comfortable wearing for men namely the polo shirt was developed.

Why Polo shirt it a comfortable choice for men?

Now polo shirts are not only used in different sports but also many common working class people also wear it during work hours. Polo shirts are very comfortable to wear as they are very light weight as well as the ventilation is very good in these shirts. These shirts were designed primarily for players who used to play games out in the sunlight. So anyone working on the fields during daytime can wear these shirts and make sure to get comfort in doing their jobs. Polo shirts are also very comfortable to wear because of their fabric choice. Generally net materials or high quality cotton materials are used in the polo shirts which make them perfect for outdoor activities. Cotton is highly recommended fabric for workers who have to work long hours. This makes polo shirts the best option for regular working class people.

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