Fully Cleanup your Android Device

Why cleaner phone matters? People always complaining about how slow Android phones are. Unlink iPhones, there is vast range of Android smartphones to choose. From very cheap to expensive. You cannot expect performance of an iPhone from a cheap Android phone. You may lose performance of low-end and mid-range Android devices so quickly after installing several apps and games. Having limited amount of RAM and CPU power is the main problem. When then number of background services and opened apps are increased, amount of free RAM and CPU power is less. Which may cause slow performance, lagging or even stuck.

We can fix performance issues with some software like Clean Master. There are vast number of Android cleaning tools that claim to bring back performance and battery life with one tap. Each and every cleaning app will close background tasks and opened apps to reduce RAM and CPU usage to increase device performance. There are other tweaks that helps to boost performance like hibernating unwanted apps, cleaning junks and managing running applications and etc.

You can easily install this application, if you Android device has Google Play Store. If not, you can use other app stores like AC Market or Aptoide. Those are main alternatives to play store. AC Market offer free installation on Android apps and games on any device without any restrictions.

Features of Finally Clean

Remove Junk Files –Why we use junk remover? You won’t be able to get expected free storage even after uninstalling unwanted apps, photos and videos. It is because of junks. Junks are mainly caching, residuals from updates, residuals from uninstalled apps, apk files, downloaded files, older backups and etc. You can easily remove all those junks to have more storage space.

Phone Cooler – Most of the time this feature refers as “CPU Cooler”. CPU is the main part inside your phone that get really hot. When the number of processers or tasks increases, it increases the CPU stress which may cause CPU to get heat. That heat dissipates from phone body. Reducing the number of running processing will reduce CPU stress.

Save Battery life – This feature helps to protect from overcharging Android devices. You can have longer battery time by hibernating, blocking apps or processers that drain more battery power even without using the phone.

App Manager – App manager helps to identity and delete unwanted apps. App Manage will shows most of the required information to decide whether you should keep it or not. It shows information like app size, last used date, amount of battery power used, how often you use this app and etc.

Above listed only few features of this app. Feel free to install and find out all those free features. You can install this application on Android TV Boxes, Firestick and Google TV. Use Filelinked to install Finally Clean APK on any Android TV box for free.