Entertainment Talent Management – Effective Measures to Hire and Retain Talent

The level of competition in the entertainment industry displays the need for proper talent management to help artists cruise through their careers. Entertainment talent management is critical in every artist’s career, for it engineers the best moves, seals the best deals, and helps utilize the available opportunities. However, every talent management company has a way of handling its affairs.

There are several reasons why Guion Partners decide to work with talent. The primary reason is their art, although sometimes their personality or skill level might matter. Moreover, talent will only be retained if they showcase what the company is looking for and if the artist can meet Guion Partners standards and values.

So, what does entertainment talent management involve?


Talent Management Essentials

As a talent management firm, Guion Partners will help you in growing your career. Some of the things involved in talent management include exposure to the best coaches, link-ups with the available gigs, and marketing your talent. If need be, they can also come into your personal life to ensure that you have an excellent place to live in and additionally manage your financial affairs.

Guion Partners offers multiple tools to assist you in growing a solid career in the entertainment sector. These inclusions will groom you with the utmost professionalism and helps you add quality to your art.

Some of the talent management essentials include;

Effective Strategies

An artist needs effective strategies when choosing the genre to opt for (if music is your line), the best platforms to sell your music, how to market your music, and how to partner with other artists. Such strategies help you determine the kind of person you want to be as an artist and how you can improve your art and sell your talent out there.

Brand Professionalism

Brand professionalism is essential because a talent develops into a brand when they properly establish themselves in the industry. You can get offers to be ambassadors to other brands or find willing sponsors who will fund some of your expenses. Guion Partners helps you to maintain professionalism in the different parts of your life, both personal and career-based.


Experience matters the most! Many artists consider the track record of a talent management firm since that displays the company’s expertise. Artists often go for companies that have been in the business for years because they have the right tools and tips to help them grow.

Now that we have covered the needs of the artists, what do entertainment talent management companies look for while hiring or retaining talents?


What Talent Managers Look Out For

You can’t walk into an office and expect to be hired because you are talented. Talent management companies look for several things that will qualify the candidates. Some of the things that talent managers consider include;


Some of the things talent management firms look for at the hiring stage include;

• Talent Level

How natural is your talent? Talent managers will put you through a test to see your skill levels and capabilities. This is the primary thing that talent managers look at. However, you will be required to present an audio or a video recording to showcase what you have to offer. This is done at the hiring stage, which helps increase your chances of working with Guion Partners.

• Goals

What do you want to achieve? Every talent should aim at something. Do you want to be among the top? How different do you want to be from the competition? Goals define your sense of direction, and it’s easier for a talent manager to help you in your career if they know what you’re aiming at.

• Potential

Sometimes, talents don’t have it all, but potential can be a selling factor. Many talent managers prefer to work with individuals who show potential because they are willing to learn and do more.


For a talent manager to retain you, here are some considerations;

• Plan & Execution

Do you have a plan? Despite whether or not you’re exposed to several opportunities, a clear strategy is necessary as it provides a sense of direction. An additional execution approach to your goals will also be a consideration in the retaining stage.

• Work Input

How determined are you? A few gigs don’t make you a superstar, neither does a single song qualify you to the list of the best hits. The amount of work that artist put in writing or studio sessions matters to their talent manager. The determination scores points.

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