Create magic with the elegant and durable HPL laminate

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Interior design is the combination of art and science which make the best use of space, light, surface material and other decors to enhance the look, feel and functionality of the space. When you want to add extra elegance and warmth in certain spaces then HPL laminate could be the best solution. HPL Thailand is cost effective and durable than other traditional alternative such as wood, natural stone, marble, granite, quartz and ceramics. HPL laminates comes in wide range of colors and textures hence it is easy to find right one for your home or workplace. You can use HPL in internal applications such as paneling, furniture, wet areas, doors, laboratories, countertops, etc. and external application such as ventilated facades, balcony rails, signage, street furniture, etc. Black Wooden Flooring is another substitute that can help you to decorate your interior beautifully and at competitive cost.

Ample of options

High quality, aesthetic appealing and durable surface material is the integral part of successful interior design. Laminate sheet of reputable manufactures offer unique blend of elegance, durability and value. Choosing right laminate could be quite challenging as laminate can be classified as per its manufacturing process, usage, advanced properties, surface finish and built. HPL is one of the most durable decorative surface materials and is produced by attaching the décor paper at high pressure to the kraft paper. Hence read the pros and cons of different types of laminate and then take informed decision.

Benefits of HPL

Investing in high quality surface material can add value to your property. Before choosing any material ensure they are of high quality otherwise you might not get the best outcome and also might have to spend more on costly repair or replacement. Some of the HPL are

  • Strong Scratch and Impact Resistance
  • Infiltration Resistance
  • Light Stability and UV Ray Resistance
  • Easy To Clean and Maintain
  • Anti-static
  • Heat Resistance

Evaluate credibility

To avoid choosing substandard manufacturer evaluate the reputation and credibility of the company. Ensure the company has adequate expertise and experience and consistently offer quality product.