Common Car Issues

Every car user is aware that often our cars tend to resolve issues. As much as maintenance routines are already put in place and scheduled, car malfunctions cannot be overlooked. These malfunctions usually come with some warning signals. Below are a few signals to look out for in your cars.

A hasty or misfiring engine

When fuel and air in a car do not mix properly, the vehicle is bound to emit swift sounds. The fuel and ignition components should be well checked and replaced as instructed by the manufacturer.

Economizing fuel

The fuel economy of your car is improved when the vehicle runs with fuel appropriately. However, components like fuel filters do get dirty and, if not serviced or changed, consume fuel at a higher rate.

Very important thing that any company should do, if they have a fleet, is to do regulat check up. The best way is using fleet maintenance software.

Light signals

In the US, car owners usually get a warning for malfunction via light signals detected by the Engine control unit. It is best to get the car to a professional for a proper check as warning lights could signal for different issues.

Flat tires

You can experience a flat tire either by a puncture or wear and tear. The tyre will last longer when changed occasionally and most advised, to avoid a situation that warrants Towing truck (รถลากจูง ,which is the term in Thai).

Grinding breaks

A car with a malfunctioning brake can easily land one in an unplanned accident. Knowing that brakes wear off with time, when there are squeaking symptoms, the breaks should be examined by a professional and fixed or replaced so as not to result in more severe problems that would require you  Towing the car (ลากรถ ,which is the term in Thai).

Failed Alternator

The alternator generates the electrical force needed for the car to keep up when ignited. A broken alternator causes the battery and other electrical fields a faster risk of damage. Any noticed issue should be addressed immediately.

Steering wheel imbalance

This can result from either a faulty bearing or tyre imbalance if it occurs at high speed.  Nonetheless, a professional should have it checked and fixed.