Be Confident to Ship Your Classic and Iconic Car Safely

Who doesn’t love their car, especially when it’s a classic and iconic car? It may be a passed on for generations in the family or you may have passion for these classic beauties. You may really stress out to hand over your precious thing to auto transport company for moving out. You must already know that you cannot ride these cars for a long distance. Ultimately, you have to rely on a vehicle shipping company to deliver these cars to your new home.

You might be skeptical at first, but there are some pointers that can easily guide you in shipping your classic iconic car. These tips for shipping your classic car would give you confidence to have faith in your decision. Ship a Car, Inc is well noted auto transporter in US and cross-country. Having over 30 years of professional experience in this field, they promptly assist you throughout the shipping process. You would know the customer experiences through genuine reviews on their website.

Now, let’s figure out how you can rest assured with the shipping of your classic car –

Shipping Company

Even for buying a simple product you put stress on the company name behind it. So, it is evident that you need to check out your choice of auto transport company when shipping your car. Check out whether it is a legitimate business through its license and registration number. Then comes the question, will it be able to handle a classic car with care? Well, the best solution would be to opt for an experienced company who has dealt with this kind of assignment.


Most of the vehicle shipping company has insurance. But you need to see whether it is enough to cover the cost of your car. Beware that not every company has the insurance. You would get into a serious trouble if there is damage to your car. As for inadequate insurance, you might have to buy extra insurance policy for the shipping process.

What Kind of Carrier Is Available?

You must look at the type of trailer that would be carrying your car. Make sure it can protect the car in case of bad weather and unfortunate bumps along the ride. A sturdy and enclosed trailer can keep your classic car in good shape throughout the journey.

Open Carrier or Enclosed Carrier

You would get both the option, but it is best to choose an enclosed carrier as it can shelter your car from both bad weather and road debris. You can never predict what might happen during the transfer. An open carrier cannot protect the car from even rain.

Safety Measures and Other Service Options

You should ask the company how they are planning to keep your classic car safe and without scratches. You should hire them only when you are completely satisfied with their service options and terms and conditions.

You should also consider the issue of budget. High quotation does not mean that all the service would be satisfactory. Check your requirements before the budget negotiation.