5 Factors That Affect Your Choice of Digital Marketing Reseller Program

From a digital marketing perspective, a reseller program refers to a marketing arrangement where one party proactively sells a product or service provided by another company for a commission. The arrangement generates profit and business growth for both the vendor and the reseller. Importantly, individuals who wish to take up this opportunity should choose a reliable digital marketing reseller program.

In the entire arrangement, there’s a contract or an agreement, which outlines all the expectations, terms, and methods of remuneration between the two parties. Such business relationships thrive on consistent communication, shared marketing goals, training, and many more.

Digital marketing becoming popular

With nearly 80% of consumers shopping online, digital marketing is becoming popular than ever. Small business owners that are not taking advantage of this opportunity are bound to miss an unspeakable amount of business.

If you’re considering a digital marketing reseller program, you need to familiarize yourself with the factors that could make or break the arrangement. With the help of a reliable digital marketing agency, you can design a user-friendly website, learn how to use SEO, and even discover the power of social media marketing among others.

The question is, which factors do you need to consider before you choose a digital marketing reseller program? Here are the top five factors to consider:

What are your margins?

As a reseller, you earn a commission on the sales you make. Your commission depends largely on the prices of the individual products or services. Before you enter into a reseller program, you need to know how much you’ll make in relation to the prices of the products or services that you sell.

It’s advisable to shop around with various digital marketing reseller programs to find a partner that works best for you. Good partnership marketing arrangements work smoothly to benefit both the vendor and the reseller. Work with programs that offer at least 20% and above on commission.

‘Experienced’ product or service

Like its name, digital marketing takes place online with minimal human interaction. While you can sell virtually everything online, you should look for a product or service that can ‘sell itself’ with little human involvement. Work with products that you can sell with photographs and text descriptions alone.

Products that may require additional input like phone interaction, follow-up e-mails, mailing samples, or price quoting are often tricky. So before you pick a reseller program, learn about their products and/or services.

Who is your competition?

Another factor to consider when choosing a digital marketing reseller program is the competition that lies ahead. Can your product fair well amidst the competition in terms of price? Is there something that gives you an upper hand over your competitors? This could be better prices, an easier-to-use website, or a moneyback guarantee.

How many customers do you have?

Overall, you need to know how many customers you have. With the help of free or subscribed search terms tools like http://inventory.overture.com or www.wordtracker.com, you can find out how many people are looking for your product.

Explore with different search terms or names to find whether the product has a significant following. This can help you decide whether to choose a reseller program with a specific product or not.

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