Seagrass carpets are getting popular due to natural fiber used in these rugs and carpets. As suggested by the name seagrass is the name of a group of plants that grows best in salinized standing bodies of water like ocean. This makes it a popular choice that prefers natural materials in their furniture and flooring.


Seagrass is an attractive material:

Seagrass is mostly available in neutral colors that can amazingly match decors. It seems to be a more common choice for hallways, staircase and narrow spaces that allows for installation without many obvious seams.

It gives a softer feel under the feet in comparison with other organic materials like sisal or jute which is popular in households but disliked by people as harsh carpeting material.

Seagrass is very easy to clean:

The hard fibers of seagrass do not allow dirt and debris to enter and stick in your rug or carpet making it very easy to sweep up. It is an organic material that resists water to some extent but not completely. More liquid and moisture problems can deteriorate your carpet or rug. Spills and stains should be removed immediately to avoid any deep staining or discoloration. If you leave the spills for long then they can permanently damage your carpet, so, it is better to naturally wipe it off as soon as possible. Common accidental spills can easily be removed with use of club soda. If not, then a mild soap or detergent might help you in cleaning as much as possible. For an occasional good deep cleaning use a dry clean method instead of shampooing or steam cleaning as the excessive moisture can damage a seagrass rug or carpet.

Seagrass does not collect allergens as it has mild antibacterial properties naturally:

The same features that make seagrass carpet resistant to dirt and debris and makes it easily possible to sweep up conveniently works its way down into the carpet and provide fodder for allergens and bacterial growths. If vacuumed on a regular basis and the accidental spills and stains are cleaned immediately you will never face the problem of allergens or bacterial growth on your seagrass carpet or rug.

Seagrass is a cost effective material if you want natural materials:

Natural hardwood is the most preferable choice for people who like to have eco-friendly and natural materials as their flooring but somehow it can be expensive. In comparison with other natural materials seagrass is less expensive as it is the type of plant that grows fast and very quickly and the plus point is that it is naturally attractive as hardwood.

Color variations of seagrass rug or carpet:

With many high natural flooring products, there are not many varieties of colors available that lessen your interest in that specific product as you don’t find a suitable match. But there are many attractive patterns available in seagrass flooring. As the seagrass rug is created by crocheting yarns into squares.