The Role of a Company Secretary in Singapore: Key Responsibilities and Functions


Welcome, readers! Today, we are plunging into the interesting world of company secretaries in Singapore. Have you ever wondered what they do and why they are basic to businesses? Well, you are in good fortune!

In this post, we will investigate The Role of a Company Secretary in Singapore: Key Responsibilities and Functions. Let us begin!

Roles and functions of a company secretary

1. The Essentials of a Company Secretary:   

A company secretary is not just a favorite work title; it is a significant position that guarantees the smooth working of an organization. In Singapore, each company, whether private or open, is required by law to designate a company secretary within six months of its foundation.  

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations:   

One of the essential duties of a company secretary is to guarantee compliance with laws and directions overseeing businesses in Singapore. They must remain upgraded on changes in enactment to guarantee that the company works inside the legitimate system.

3. Board Support and Corporate Administration:   

Company secretaries play a significant part in supporting the board of executives and keeping up great corporate administration hones. They help in organizing board gatherings, planning assembly plans, taking minutes, and guaranteeing that choices made amid gatherings are executed.  

4. Statutory and Regulatory Filings: 

Another significant work of a company secretary is to handle statutory and administrative filings. They can submit different reports, such as yearly returns, budgetary articulations, and resolutions, to the important specialists within the stipulated time frames.  

5. Shareholder Communication and Relations:   

Company secretaries act as a bridge between the company and its shareholders. They encourage viable communication by guaranteeing that imperative data, such as budgetary reports, is opportune and dispersed to the shareholders. They moreover handle inquiries and concerns from shareholders, cultivating a positive relationship and belief.  

6. Record-Keeping and Documentation:   

Keeping exact and up-to-date records is the basic work of a company secretary. They are dependable for keeping the company’s registers and counting the enlistment of individuals, chiefs, and secretaries. This guarantees straightforwardness and responsibility inside the organization.  

7. Compliance with Corporate Policies: 

Company secretaries help in creating and executing corporate arrangements and methods. They guarantee that these arrangements are communicated to all workers which they follow to them. By doing so, they help in creating a culture of compliance and moral behavior inside the company. If you need service for Goods and Services Tax (GST) Filing for Singapore then you can contact a corporate secretary.

8. Liaising with External Stakeholders:   

A company secretary frequently acts as the point of contact for outside partners, such as evaluators, legal counsellors, and administrative bodies. They facilitate with these partners to guarantee the smooth running of the company’s operations and compliance with legitimate necessities.  


Company secretaries play an imperative part in guaranteeing the productive operation and compliance of businesses. Their ability in legitimate and corporate things is crucial in exploring the ever-evolving commerce scene.  

So, the next time you come across the term “company secretary,” keep in mind their multifaceted role and the significance they bring to the table. Until at that point, remain inquisitive and keep investigating the captivating world of trade!