The Evolution Of Electronic Dance Music And How Malics Tree Is Keeping The Beat Alive

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     In today’s world of mass produced digital music content, much of what is being produced is beginning to sound remarkably similar. While critics might say that new artists are copying what is already available in the music world, the truth is that we have created and consumed so much music in just about every genre that there isn’t anything new to be had. This is true about all but one genre of music and that genre is EDM. 

     Electronic dance music features technologically born beats that have been fashioned together in such a way that it provides a source of inspiration, energised motivation, or subdued relaxation. Essentially, whatever the listener needs at any given time. You can work, study, relax, dance, or exercise to EDM, and it will always give you something different and new to listen to.

History Of Electronic Dance Music

     Electronic dance music was born in 70s New York disco and 80s Detroit techno. Since its early beginnings, EDM has achieved international mainstream success and has led to a wide range of subgenres including house, trance, and dubstep. Electronic dance music has launched the careers of many top artists including Deadmau5, Skrillex, Kraftwerk, and more, and it has reshaped the modern musical landscape. 

     Key players within the EDM industry describe the creative process of making music with innovative technology as an art form that comes from deep inside. Although EDM is made up of a variety of electronic sounds, it is still very organic. EDM artists use a wide range of tools to create their definitive sounds such as Native Instruments’ Maschine MK3, Akai MPC Live and Roland SE-02, as well as software suites such as Ableton Live and Komplete 11.

     One group of EDM artists known as Malics Tree is working hard to ensure that electronic dance music has a sustainable future. Their album, Now and Then, which the tracks: Media Studies Now and Then, Energise 23, Firepower and Lost is just one example of their passion and commitment to the future of EDM.

     You can find and download Now and Then on both Amazon Music and Spotify and experience sheer EDM bliss for yourself today.

Contact Malics Tree

    To learn more about EDM and how one band is keeping EDM alive and well, contact Malics Tree today.

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