How do multipliers and respins work in online casinos?

Online casinos have become incredibly popular in recent years, offering players easy access to hundreds of exciting games right from their homes. Two features that are becoming increasingly common in online slots and other casino games are multipliers and respins.

A multiplier is a special feature within a casino game that increases your winnings by a set factor if triggered. The multiplier doubles the payout if you win $50 and the multiplier doubles it to $100. 2x and 3x multipliers are common multipliers, and they come in many sizes. Some progressive jackpot slots even offer massive 500x or 1000x multipliers!

Multipliers provide players with an opportunity to exponentially increase their winnings beyond the standard payouts. They add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to every spin. Many slots incorporate multipliers as special symbols that must land in winning combinations to activate the feature. Others have online casino bonus rounds where multipliers come into play.

How do multipliers work?

When you trigger a multiplier in a slot, your total winnings from that spin will be multiplied by the factor specified.

  • Multipliers usually only apply to a single spin, not your entire session.
  • Only your winnings are multiplied, not your wager amount.
  • Multipliers often have requirements to activate, such as getting special symbols on an active payline.
  • Some slots let you choose a multiplier value in a bonus round. Higher multipliers are riskier but lead to bigger payouts.
  • Multipliers combine with other features like wilds to award massive wins. For instance, a 10x multiplier and five wilds lead to a huge jackpot!
  • Certain slots award unlimited multipliers that increase after each winning spin, leading to exponential payouts.

Multipliers offer huge upside potential on your wins. The more you trigger them, the bigger your bankroll grows!

Understanding respins

A respin is another popular special feature where the reels spin again after a spin is complete, often with certain reel positions held in place. Respins give you additional chances to hit winning combinations and increase your payout without using up your credits.

  • Hold Respins – Certain reels/symbols are held while the rest re-spin.
  • Free Respins – A set number of free respins are awarded, with all reels spinning again.
  • Unlimited Respins – Respins continue until no new wins are awarded.

Much like multipliers, respins add more excitement and unpredictability to slots. They keep your winning streaks rolling along for multiple spins in a row!

How do respins work?

When triggered during a slot, respins will play out according to special rules:

  • Specific symbols or reels may be held in place while the rest re-spin.
  • Any new wins are typically paid out before the next respin begins.
  • Respins continue until you collect all available payouts, or the allotted number of respins is used up.
  • Some slots allow respins to be retriggered, adding even more spins.
  • No additional bet is required – respins operate off your original wager.

As you play slots with respin features, be on the lookout for hold symbols that trigger them. These special symbols are the key to activating more rounds of respins.