Facade Inspection and Upgrade in New Jersey

An accurately planned, constructed and maintained facade prevents water intrusion, air infiltration, and energy loss. However, time and exposure to the weather may degrade the facade’s components. Depreciation of the facade may lead to various issues, such as diminished building performance and possible dangers.

A property condition assessment (PCA) is necessary to identify structural and other building issues. Renovating the facade after a PCA may boost the property’s value, enabling the owner to ask for a higher rent or purchase price. A timely assessment by property condition assessment NJand an upgrade of the building’s facade allow the building owner to improve the facility’s structural integrity.

Building owners and managers may use the results of facade condition evaluations to generate maintenance plans. In addition, it may be used to build a budget for repairs and restoration projects that comply with local facade inspection rules. 

Moreover, building owners and managers may remedy facade degradation with standard repairs if they detect issues on time. But, undetected problems may lead to costly capital rehabilitation efforts and possibly dangerous conditions.

Concerning this matter, Jersey City, New Jersey, enacted new legislation concerning structural and facade inspections of multi-story structuresin August of 2021. The Jersey City Council adopted this legislation following the collapse of the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida.

Under the order, a professional architect or engineer must check the facade at least once every five years. Structures taller than six stories or with brick facades of at least four stories are required to undergo a commercial building inspection in New Jersey. 

The code also requires property owners to submit a documented Facade Inspection Report to the Division of the Construction Code Official within thirty days after the inspection. This must be created by an authorized and licensed architect or commercial building engineer NJ.

Check the infographic below from Lockatong Engineering to learn about facade inspection and upgrades in New Jersey.