Celebrity Travel Disasters

Murphy’s Law dictates that whatever will go wrong, goes wrong, and nowhere is that this more true than you are on holiday. Whether it’s torrential rain around the beach, cockroach infested rooms in hotels, or luggage that disappears approximately one airport terminal and subsequently, every traveller has their very own holiday horror story. This is exactly why travel cover is important for holidays abroad – it cannot stop disaster striking, however it can at any rate limit the harm for your poor wallet!

It’s not hard to say “it will not occur to me”, but the wealthy and famous aren’t safe from holiday disasters – listed here are four tales that demonstrate it does not matter what you are and where you stand going, it always is effective have worldwide travel cover…

Hardman Ross Kemp Humbled by Bug

He might presently be dodging bullets in Afghanistan, but during vacation in Africa actor and presenter Ross Kemp fell foul from the small bug. He fell behind on his anti-malarial medication, contracted malaria, and therefore spent a feverish week in hospital and lost 2 . 5 stone. Precisely the type of situation when you wish your worldwide travel cover to pay for you – serious medical assistance could be disastrously costly for that uninsured…

Paula Radcliffe Finds out Hurricanes Can Strike Two times

Sometimes, fate just appears to get it set for you, as champion marathon runner Paula Radcliffe discovered when she’d a vacation disrupted with a hurricane…two times. First on a journey to Florida, after that time the year after in Antigua, she fell foul of Hurricane’s George and Josephine.

Observe that worldwide travel cover will not always cover you for disasters, so if you’re going to a destination that’s in danger make certain your insurance will safeguard you.

Ray Mears and also the Lost Luggage of Belarus

You’d believe that survival expert Ray Mears wasn’t any stranger to holiday disasters (especially since he constitutes a living by positively seeking them out!) but apparently , even as being a master of bushcraft does not protect you from that many mundane of travel problems – lost luggage in an airport terminal in Belarus.